Stephen Lander Dental Designs Laboratory are a team of professionals in the art of dentistry, especially producing quality Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Implants and a whole host of other cosmetic teeth. Stephen Lander and his team are highly skilled dental craftsmen with an impressive record of experience and achievement in all aspects of dental design work. Working from his Dental Designs Laboratory in Up Holland near Wigan Lancashire, Stephen Lander Dental Designs are regularly nominated for the prestigious Private Dentistry Awards, with Stephen Lander himself consistently among the top six short listed dental restoration specialists in the country. As a member of BACD [British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry] Stephen practices a method of Intelligent Smile Design working with clients to develop the smile they have always desired.

Dental Designs – Crowns, Bridges & Implants.

It is possible to alter so many aspects of our appearance, our hair, eye colour, skin tone and even nails. Your smile however is another matter all together – uneven, crooked, discoloured, damaged, chipped or even missing teeth are not as simple to change. Our teeth play a major part in how we feel about ourselves and there are several options available from Stephen Lander Dental Designs when wishing to correct these problems: crowns, veneers, bridges and implants to name but a few.

Stephen Lander Intelligent Smile Design

Our teeth are highly visible in everyday life, whenever we communicate, laugh or eat, our teeth dictate the shape of our face and create a lasting impression. Just think if you could design your own smile helping you to be more confident and outgoing in situations such as interviews, dates and social events. Celebrities, actors and singers all know the value of good quality dental design work.

Exclusive Concepts

Stephen Lander Dental Designs specialise in all-ceramic restorations and is a member of the ADI [Association of Dental Implantology]. Stephen is also a member of the DLA [Dental Laboratories Association] and is happy to work with patients, via their dentist, to achieve the precise dental restoration results they desire. This personal touch enables Stephen to use his exceptional skill and experienced eye when producing the most delicate of details during tooth restorations. Many clients have benefited from the exclusive Stephen Lander concept crown.