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A warm open confident smile says a lot about our personalities and is a very attractive personal feature. Stephen Lander Dental Designs use a system of Intelligent Smile Design incorporating an intricately planned method of progression.

Diagnostic Wax Ups

Not all laboratories are able to offer the true Smile Design service. Stephen Lander Dental Designs will assist you with your cosmetic cases and help restore your patient’s smiles.     From accurate diagnostic wax ups we can show what can be achieved before any irreversible procedures are undertaken. We can then show you how to transfer the diagnostic from the model to the mouth, initially with the prototypes and then with the definitive restorations.

Dental Treatment Decisions based on Accurate Diagnostics

The smile design system involves complex processes and it is crucial to make appropriate critical treatment decisions based on accurate diagnostics.     Ensure height to width ratios, correct embrasure spaces, position of the zenith of each tooth is correctly placed using smile design incorporating golden proportion. The accepted ideal by which we visually judge features is led by a precise set of measurements

Twelve Steps to Smile Design

In order to accurately construct a diagnostic record of the end result we need a certain amount of information from the dentist and patient. This includes a comprehensive wish list from the patient, giving a detailed description of what they want and what they expect from the treatment.

12 Steps to smile design which will ensure a perfect result:

  • Asses lip line and smile line
  • Position incisal edge of upper central incisors ( just above lower lip on full smile )
  • Position dental midline to be coincident with ( or parallel to ) facial midline
  • Make central incisor proportions correct: height should be 11mm; height width proportion in the range of 0.7- 0.8.
  • Use golden proportion ( 1.6: 1.0: 0.6 ) to calculate other tooth widths.
  • Align long axis of teeth: centrals should be parallel, laterals 5 degree distal tip canines 10-12 degree, long axes of premolars parallel to canines.
  • Idealise gingival aesthetics so that lateral incisors are not higher than line drawn between centrals and canines.
  • Idealise connector heights ( 50-40-30 rule )
  • Plan embrasure form.
  • Design labial anatomy
  • Decide on colour graduations and incisal translucency.
  • Decide on overall case colour.

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