Good dental and oral hygiene is an important part of everyday healthy living and reduces plaque build up on the tooth surface. The best way to describe plaque – Plaque is a sticky coating of bacteria which can form on the teeth and lead to dental decay and gum disease.

Stephen Lander Dental Designs2The early and on going signs of improper dental hygiene include persistent bad breath, painful or bleeding gums, loose teeth or widening gaps between teeth and brownish or yellowish staining. The tongue may also be covered with a thick build up of bacteria leading to an unpleasant odour.

The consequences of neglected dental and oral hygiene are painful or unsightly cavities causing difficulty when eating etc. Dental decay if untreated can cause tooth loss or gum disease [gingivitis leading to periodontitis]. This is advanced gum disease which can affect the bone structure that supports the teeth causing them to loosen.

Another possibility when dental health is neglected is the formation of an abscess deep within the tissues and roots of the teeth. These can be extremely painful and result in loss of teeth as well as contributing to other serious health problems.

Prevention of plaque build up is always the best course of action including thorough brushing twice daily with a good quality toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Use of dental floss to release food caught between teeth and an antiseptic mouthwash.

Try to avoid sweet, sticky food and drinks consumption between meals
Oh and of course visit your dentist regularly!!!!

Stephen Lander, manager and owner of Stephen Lander Dental Designs is an award winning dental technician that is committed to excellence and works with dentists and patients to achieve a perfect result every time. Dental implants, ceramic restorations, and metal ceramic restorations are all completed to the highest standards.

Nothing portrays good health and encourages self confidence like a wide smile showing a set of gleaming and evenly spaced teeth. Stephen Lander practices a system of Intelligent Smile Design which consists of an intricately planned progression. This uses a 12 step guide to a perfect smile and has become very popular with patients and clients of  Stephen Lander Dental Designs. For advice and information about what we can offer please call on :- 01695 623334