Trainee at Stephen Lander Dental Designs Lab, Manchester

Stephen Lander dental designs are proud to introduce the newest member of our growing team. The young lady in question is Claire Andrews and here she will tells us something of her background and in future web site news items she will share some insights into the work she has been involved in within our cosmetic dental laboratory:

Claire said, “I have recently left university after studying dental technology. Designing Dental crowns and bridges is the career I wished to pursue and I was delighted to receive the offer of a position within Stephen Lander Dental Designs. I have been working within the cosmetic dental laboratory for the past few weeks and I’m enjoying it thoroughly. I have been completing work in the early stages of the dental restoration process, such as wax work, models and general help within the laboratory.

“Before completing my degree I worked as a nurse for 9 years. I am very passionate about my job and take great pride in the work I produce. Throughout my education I have been very interested in science and art and studied these subjects at A level. I have always had an artistic nature and I think of myself as a perfectionist, with an eye for detail. I feel these skills are used everyday within the dental laboratory to produce work which is of a high standard and always meeting the patient’s needs.

“Over the years I feel that my career has developed well within an NHS environment and that I have shown to be supportive and friendly to both patients and fellow staff. I am a very open and friendly person who interacts and communicates well. I am looking forward to an interesting and challenging career in cosmetic dental designs.